My Favorite Romance Sub-Genres

This month I am hosting an Instagram photo challenge targeted at romance lovers (though anyone can join). With that in mind, I wanted to discuss some of my favorite romance sub-genres.  There are a ton of sub-genres.  In fact, some o these romance sub-genres can get very specific. I am not going to get too in the weeds here, but if you are interested in some romance sub-sub-genres, let me know.  I will be proving recommendations to some of my favorites as well and please let me know some of yours.  I am always looking for book recs especially romance ones.   

Romance sub-genre

Romantic Comedy

This is one of my favorite Romance sub-genres.  I mean I do a post about it every Saturday.  There was a while when this genre was called chic-lit which. I’m sorry but I hate.  This is pretty self-explanatory.  Just like the film genre, it’s a love story with comedy.  These are lighter, and generally, the steam factor is low.  These are the books I turn to when I need a laugh.  My favorite ones put a smile on my face and it is there the whole time I’m reading.  

Recommendations: You Deserve Each Other, The Hating Game, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Historical Romance

When I first really started reading romance, this was the sub-genre I started with.  Probably because I got my books from my step-mom and she was into them so…  These are usually on the lighter side, and can often have some humorous moments.  They do tend to have a bit more steamy scenes as well, but you can easily find some that are pretty tame.  These can really run the gamut time period wise, but I would say most take place in Regency/Victorian England. Most of them have at least one Lord or Lady and a lot of balls. If you like the reformed rake trope (reformed player) you should really check out this sub-genre.   I have to admit this hasn’t been a sub-genre I’ve been reading a lot lately and I don’t know why because I really do enjoy it. 

Recommendations: Suddenly You and Devil in the Winter by Lisa Kleypas, The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Romantic Suspense

Romantic suspense is another sub-genre I loved but hadn’t picked up in a while.  This sub-genre tends to have less romance than the other two sub-genres mentioned.  But don’t worry there is still romance.  As the name implies there are some suspenseful elements to the plot.  I find that these tens to fall into the on the run or catching the bad guy categories.  The steam factor on these is medium and really can go either way.  I enjoy a mystery/thriller and romance, so these are perfect.  

Recommendations: Verity by Collen Hoover, Naked in Death by J.D. Robb, The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johansen 

Paranormal Romance

The Paranormal romance sub-genre is great for all of you fantasy lovers out there.  Do you like reading about vampires, fae, or shifters then this is the sub-genre for you!  This also gets into the steamy territory far more than the other genres mentioned.  Not every book is high in steam but most are, so be aware when you’re browsing.  Generally, these books tend to follow a lot to the fantasy stories, think quests, chosen ones, lost princess, with the addition of a romance being a large part of the storyline.  

Recommendations: Fae Chronicles Series, Black Daggar brotherhood series, Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

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