My Favorite Mystery Series

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I am talking about my favorite mystery series. Most of these books would not be considered thrillers, but true mysteries, where there are crimes and people or groups of people set out to solve them. The other thing I enjoy about mysteries, especially series, is that generally, there is more going on than just the mystery itself. Often, that other thing is romance, which you all know I love! Below are some of my favorite mystery series; some are historical, some are YA, but all are wonderful!

Lady Charlotte Series by Sherry Thomas

Currently five books in the series

First Book: A Study in Scarlet Women

Book Cover A Study in Scarlet women by sherry Thomas

The Lady Charlotte series is one of my favorite mystery series ever. I adore Lady Charlotte as she masquerades as Sherlock Holmes. The side characters in this are wonderful, and the mysteries are entertaining!

Truly Devious Series by Maureen Johnson

Currently three Books in the series

Book four expected June 15, 2021

First Book: Truly Devious

Book Cover: Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

The Truly Devious series is a young adult mystery series set in one of my favorite places – a boarding school! I have to admit that the second book in the series was not my favorite, but I loved books one and three and am very excited about book 4.

Jackaby Series by William Ritter

Four books in the series

Series complete

First Book: Jackaby

Book Cover Jackaby by William Ritter

For those of you who enjoy paranormal, this one is for you! The characters alone make this series a must-read! It’s engaging and quirky, and the mysteries are great too.

Gaslight Mystery Series by Victoria Thompson

23 Books in the series

Book 24 expected April 27, 2021

First Book: Murder on Astor Place

The Gaslight Mystery series was one of the first mystery series I read. It’s a historical mystery, and I enjoyed it. Admittedly, I am not caught up on the series, but those I have read I enjoyed, especially the relationship between Sarah and Frank!

Charlotte Holmes Series by Brittany Cavallaro

Four Books in the series

First Book: A Study in Charlotte

A study in charlotte

The Charlotte Holmes series is another Sherlock Holmes retelling. This one is a YA, and while the mystery is interesting, it is really the relationship between Charlotte and Jamie that makes this series so great!

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