Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen



Indigo has been hired to babysit rock star Alex Winslow.  It should have been an easy job, but it was so much more than a job.   

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Midnight Blue is another great L.J. Shen book.  As usual, both characters are flawed, though arguably Alex is much more so flawed.  What I like about Shen’s books is that in addition to an amazing romance, you have characters who you really root for. 

Much like Alex, I like that Inigo challenged him.  She didn’t care that he was a famous rockstar, she had a job to do and she was going to do it.  Was it obvious these two were going to fall for each other?  Of course, it was, however, I have to admit there are some revelations near the end of the book that really blew me away.  I enjoyed watching Alex and Indigo fall in love, watching them both try not to fall in love.  Alex’s journey especially was very enjoyable to watch.  

There is a tragedy in this book but there is also a lot of forgiveness.  It is a little heavier than Dirty Headlines, but not as heavy as In the Unlikely Event.  I really enjoyed this one and I’d definitely recommend it. 



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