Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

Loathe at first sight

A note: Though I am posting this as a rom-com book review, as you will see when you read my review, I have trouble putting this in the rom-com category.

Loathe at first sight
Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

Contemporary Fiction


Rating: 3 out of 5.


Melody Joo is thrilled to land her dream job as a video game producer, but her new position comes with challenges: an insufferable CEO; sexist male coworkers; and an infuriating—yet distractingly handsome—intern, Nolan MacKenzie, aka “the guy who got hired because his uncle is the boss.”

Just when Melody thinks she’s made the worst career move of her life, her luck changes. While joking with a friend, she creates a mobile game that has male strippers fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly Melody’s “joke” is her studio’s most high-profile project—and Melody’s running the show.

When Nolan is assigned to Melody’s team, she’s sure he’ll be useless. But as they grow closer, she realizes he’s smart and sexy, which makes Melody want to forget he’s her intern. As their attraction deepens, she knows it’s time to pump the brakes, even with her Korean parents breathing down her neck to hurry up and find a man.

With her project about to launch, Melody suddenly faces a slew of complications, including a devastating trolling scandal. Could the man she’s falling hard for help her play the game to win—in work and in love?

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Loathe at First Sight, was a book I wanted to like.  I understood what the book was trying to do and I liked it. However, it was marketed as a rom-com and while there is a romance with a super sweet guy, that isn’t the main point of the story.  

Melody was a hard character for me to like.  Sometimes she was truly the underdog and I was rooting for, and other times I found her to be judgemental.  I also did understand why she was good at speaking up for herself sometimes, but in other situations, allowed people to talk down to her.  She was a big contradiction to me and I just didn’t feel like I could get a very good read on her.  However, as a professional woman myself, I did feel a strong connection to the struggles Melody was dealing with, so I certainly was rooting for her.  

As I mentioned, I went into this expecting more of a rom-com, and it was really more about a woman trying to prove herself in a male-dominated industry.  Which is still a story I’m interested in, but just not the story I thought I was reading.  There was a romantic element, and I really enjoyed that part of the story.  Nolan was probably my favorite character in the book.   There were quite a few other side stories that seemed more filler than actually meaningful to the overall story.  Personally, I would have preferred less focus on those.

Is this a good book? Yes, but it is not a rom-com and marketing it that way Yonly does this book a disservice. 

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Loathe at First Sight

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