Liar by Tate James

 Liar by Tate James

Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Dark Romance, Reverse Harem, Romantic Suspense

Steam Level: Almost Too Hot to Handle


Rating: 5 out of 5.


The words scrawled on the back of my newest stalker mail makes my blood run cold. I have no idea if it’s the lie I know, or one that I don’t.

Since arriving back into Shadow Grove, I’ve been stalked, tormented, chased and almost killed. I’ve been lied to, repeatedly, by people I was growing to trust.


That word haunts me. Someone knows more about my life than I do. Someone is taunting me with answers and teasing me with secrets. Am I desperate enough to fall for more deception?

Archer and his boys made a huge mistake when they lied to me. They thought they could play me but they’re about to learn that they’ve met their match. No one stabs Madison Kate and gets away with it.

I’m not giving up, though. I’m going to win this girl over. I’m done sitting on the sidelines, watching the bad boy getting the girl. This time, the nice guy will finish first. Even if it’s the last thing he’ll do…

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Well, Tate James, I’m not going to lie I’m a little irritated.  How do you end a book like that?  Liar is the second book in the Madison Kate series.  I really enjoyed the first book, Hate, but Liar was even better!  

I think this was for two reasons: 1) this book brought the steam; and 2) knowing the characters helped a lot.  All four of the main characters in this book extremely interesting.  I adore Steele, Kodi is adorable, and Madison Kate is a badass I can’t help but root for.  Even Archer, who is a complete ass most of the time has his moments.  

In addition to the characters, what really makes this book so great is the mystery.   Though we are trying to figure out who is trying to hurt Madison Kate, Archer and his friends are an even more interesting mystery.  We get let into their world a little bit more, find out more about their backgrounds, especially Archer’s.  That and just seeing the characters interact is what hooked me.  

This is a reverse harem, so keep that in mind if that isn’t something you enjoy.  But, if you are okay with reverse harem I highly recommend this series.  Though you may want to read this one closer to the third book’s release date at the end of August, so you aren’t impatiently waiting for answers like I am now. 

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Liar by Tate James

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