It Sounded Better in My Head by Nina Kenwood

It Sounded better in my head
It Sounded Better in my Head by Nina Kenwood

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Release Date: April 7


4 Star read


Natalie’s life is changing, her parents are divorcing, her two best friends are now a couple.  Her world is no longer making sense, that is until an unexpected romance starts…

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Thank you to Simon and Schuster for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


It Sounded Better in my Head is a YA contemporary.  I have to admit that that genre is really hit or miss for me.  So, I always start books in this genre with a little bit lower expectations.  Well I didn’t need to with It Sounded Better in my Head. This book was fantastic.

This book is told from Natalie’s POV, and Natalie like, let’s face it, most teenage girls is self conscious.  And she completely had reason to be and I know that I would have had the same thoughts as she does at her age. What I liked about Natalie was that though she is insecure she was also very mature and really pushed herself to be brave.  The love story was cute and I liked it but what this book was really about was being brave and going after what you want.  

There was one thing I didn’t love, and that was Natalie’s friends.  I just didn’t feel like Zach and Lucy were very good friends to her.  Especially Zach, who was a bit of an ass really. It Sounded Better in my Head was a fun read with a good romance and a great main character!

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