Introducing All the Books and Chocolate After Dark

I’ve been thinking that I have several different content types on this blog that don’t go together very well. So I decided to create another blog that just focuses on the dark and steamy reads I love so much. I am happy to introduce All the Books and Chocolate After Dark!

What does this change mean? All of my dark and steamy posts and reviews have moved over to the new site. And beginning today, those posts and reviews will only be posted there. The previous posts will remain on this blog as well, but nothing new will be posted going forward.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be romance on this page. My rom-com reviews will still be on this page. As well as some other romance reads that I don’t consider dark or steamy. If you are familiar with my steam scale, the sweet, it’s getting warmer, and turning up the heat will all remain on this blog. But if you are a fan of my Dirty Daddies Wednesday posts and other steamy romance topics, I suggest you head over to All the Books and Chocolate After Dark and follow that blog as well.

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