Honor by Jay Crownover


Honor by Jay Crownover

Romance, Romantic Suspense,

Book 1 in the Breaking Point series


4 Star read


Nassir has been waiting for Key for years. She is finally back in the point and Nassir is going to make her his no matter the cost.

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I love a book about an Anti-Hero and Nassir Gates from Honor is one of the best.  Though, I hadn’t read the books from the series this was a spin-off from, and while I probably missed some things, I really didn’t feel like It was necessary.  

I liked both Key and Nassir.  What I especially liked was how accepting this book was.  Key wasn’t afraid to use her sexuality and she wasn’t afraid to demand and then take her place beside Nassir.  This book does have a mystery element and is dark.  If you like your heroes to be law-abiding citizens this is not the book for you.  What I really liked was the backstory of both characters.  It helped explain their motivations and without it, I probably would have had a few what the hell moments.  

This is not a story of two people falling in love.  These two are already in love.  Rather, this is a story of two people who are finally ready to admit their love and decide to be together.  I really liked this, it was a romance for sure, but it was about being ready.  This was a fun book to read and I will certainly pick up others.

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