Hero by Jolie Vines

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Ella is finally free.  Gordain’s military career seems to have hit a dead end.  He shouldn’t agree to her scheme but he can’t seem to be able to walk away.    

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Hero is the third book in the a Marry the Scot Novel, I haven’t read the other two but I think that for the most part this can be read as standalone.  I may have missed some of the backstory but I was able to figure it out quickly.  

This book had one of my least favorite tropes, insta love.  I liked the characters well enough.  Ella was smart and tough.  Gordain was also likable.  I would have liked the book to focus more on his legal struggle, maybe him trying to figure out what really happened.  Basically, my issue is that the plot is pretty slow, nothing really happened and I kept thinking it, especially with the legal case, that more would happen.  

Overall this book was just okay.  It was entertaining at parts, but I really wanted more.  



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