Happy New Year – Blog Updates

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog and give you an update on some things to come in the new year as well as point out some of my favorite posts.  Next week we will get back to the regularly scheduled Wednesday post. 

First, I want to share some of my favorite and in my opinion some of the more useful of my posts. 

2020 Book Releases – If you haven’t checked this one out yet you should it has a ton of 2020 releases and I update it regularly.

Bookish Charities – This post has 10 great charities.

Gifts for Bookworms – While I put this list together for the holidays, there are a ton of great ideas on here for upcoming birthdays or a way to use those giftcards.  

Now on to some blog updates I have coming. First, more reviews.  I will be posting four to five book reviews a week.  You will be getting the same one as before, and I am hoping to include more reviews of new and upcoming releases.  

I will be starting two new monthly blog series.  One about organization, how to keep track of reading, social media planning, my book bujo.  And another with Blog and Bookstagram tips.  I am by no means an expert on either of these topics, though some would argue that I am on the organization topic, I’m happy to share tips and tricks that I use.  

If you have any suggestions for what topics, please share them because I’m sure I will run out of ideas after about month three or four.  

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