Hannaford Prep by J. Bree

Hannaford Prep
Hannaford Prep by J. Bree

Romance, Bully Romance, Dark Romance, Reverse Harem

Steam Level: Hot


Rating: 4 out of 5.


The most exclusive school in the entire country, Hannaford Preparatory Academy, has offered me a full-ride scholarship and a chance to escape the dangerous streets of Mounts Bay.

The only problem is, no scholarship student has ever made it through freshman year.

None of the rich kids understand the need for survival that runs through my veins, the throne I’ve fought and killed to sit on, and there are more deranged killers stalking me than I can keep count of.

The think the can break me.

They’re wrong.

No one touches the Wolf.

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Instead of just reading the first book, I just went ahead and decided I would read all four books at once.  So this review will be about the whole Hannaford Prep series as a whole.  This is a dark series, very violent, and if I hadn’t just read Den of Vipers, I would say it is the most violent.  

The story centers around Lips. The first book is mostly about her being bullied by Harley, Blaise, and  Ash.  It was your basic high school bully story – and even in the first book in the Hannaford Prep series, there isn’t even a romance.  The first book sets up the series, and it isn’t until book two that stuff really starts happening.  Lips and her bullies come to an understanding, and we start to learn more about lips and who she really is, and this continues in books three and four.

To really enjoy this, you need to read the whole series.  The boys really grew on me as I read through the books, as did the wonderful cast of side characters. Though I have to admit, Avery is my favorite.  To echo a sentiment Lips mentions several times, I would marry Avery in a second if I were into girls.  

Let me reiterate this book is DARK.  There is basically every trigger ever in this book.  There are a lot of parts that are hard to read.  But I enjoyed this story, and I am very much looking forward to the spin-off I think is coming soon. 



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