Groupie by C.M. Stunich


Groupie by C.M. Stunich

Romance, Reverse Harem, Dark Romance

Book 1 in the Rock-Hard Beautiful Series


4 Star read


Lilith is very down on her luck, no money, no family. When she finds a concert ticket in her pocket her luck starts to change.

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Wowza!  Groupie is steamy!  It is a Reverse Harem and the female lead is certainly loved by all of her men.  I liked all of the guys from the start.  All of them have a tortured hero thing going on.  I also liked that they had very different personalities.  This is written from the POV for all 6 characters which is not an easy feat.  I could easily tell which POV character was narrating.  

While I loved the guys, Lilith took a little warming up.  At the beginning of the book she was very much a damsel in distress, and she still is at the end, but not quite as bad.  Personally, I would have preferred her to be a little sassier.  I also thought she talked about her dad way too much.  It got kind of annoying after a while. Look I get she was upset but she didn’t need to keep repeating that her dad was dead.  

This is a trilogy and I am more than ready to jump into book two.  You could see all of the characters starting to grow by the end of this book and I think the second book will only get better.  I can’t wait to see where these characters go, and find out some more backstory on the guys. 

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