Gifts for Bookworms – Part 1

Gift Ideas for Bookworks Part 1

Sometimes finding gifts for bookworms is hard.  I know that my family and friends are constantly asking what I want for Christmas, as non-bookworms they have no idea what I might like.  Truth be told coming up with ideas gets harder and harder every year.  Maybe you too have trouble coming up with ideas and want to use this to spark something, or maybe you’re clueless about what to get your book-loving (insert relation here). Whatever the reason, I hope that this list helps you.  

This will be the first in three-part series which I will share some gift ideas for bookworms.  I’m breaking it out into sections that I feel reflect different types of readers. If you don’t see what your looking form make sure to check out parts two and three.  Items from all three parts as well as some other gifts I love can be found on my amazon idea list.  

In this post you will find the gift ideas for the following bookworms:

The Library Lover

The Harry Potter Lover

The Classics Lover

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