Four Days of You and Me by Miranda Kenneally

Four days of you and me

Four Days of You and Me by Miranda Kenneally

YA Contemporary, Romance


4 Star read


Every year of their high school lives Lulu and Alex go on a class trip, and every year the trip brings them closer together.  This year is their last class trip, Lulu and Alex are brought together again, and made to face the connection they share.  

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Four Days of You and Me is another young adult contemporary that I really enjoyed.  The way it was written kept me wanting to read more.  While most of the story is told around the class trip, gaps of what happened during the year are filled in.  

I really liked Lulu and Alex.  They were both extremely likable.  The fact that this book took place over a four year period really let you see the characters grow.  Both characters really matured over the four years.  If you have read my previous reviews you know that YA contemporary is hit or miss for me.  This one was definitely a hit!  I had trouble putting the book down and I really enjoyed the side characters as well.  Especially, how as the years went on Lulu’s friend group expanded.  

The romance between Alex and Lulu was so sweet.  Let me tell you I wish my first experience with love was anything like this.  As I mentioned these characters grew and became better for each other and for themselves.  I really loved this book, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a cute book that will make you believe in true love.  

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  1. great review! i totally agree– the character development in this book was great. at times i found the timelines a touch confusing, but i think that was just because i was reading the ebook and it was being funky.

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