Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Follow me darkly
follow me darkly
Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Book 1 in the Follow Me series

Romance, Dark Romance

Steam Level: Hot


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


I’ve always been a control freak. But he makes me crave submission…

Working for a hotel heiress and social media influencer may not be my dream job, but at least it allows me time to do what I really love—take photographs. Pretty good for a wholesome farm girl from Kansas trying to make it in Boston. Life may not be easy working for a diva, but at least I know what to expect.

Until blue-collar billionaire Braden Black strides into the office. He’s beyond handsome and sexy, but also domineering with a definite hard edge. I’m not sure why he’s interested in me, but within a few weeks, he’s showing me a world I never knew existed.

He’s opened up a side of me I can only face in the dark, and it’s quickly becoming an obsession. How can I give up something this addictive—even if his secrets could ultimately destroy me?

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Follow Me Darly is a BDSM erotica.  It leans more to the B and D, but it has a little bit of it all.  It reminds me of a much less cringy version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Braden Black is a billionaire with some control issues and I’m guessing some sort of tortured past.  Skye was a little naive but she had a backbone.  I liked that she was able to stand up to Braden.  This was told from Skye’s point of view, so we don’t get on that much information on Braden other than hearsay from some characters which personally I’m not putting to much stock in.

This is the first book in a series, so the book ends in a little bit of a cliffhanger, or at least with some unfinished business.  The story could have ended with this book, so I’m interested to see where the next book goes.  The story in this book was fairly simple and seemed more like an introduction of the characters which makes sense that it is book one in a series.  

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