Fake It Till You Make It by Anne Harper

Fake It Till You Make It by Anne Harper

Book 1 in the Anciently Viral Series


4 Star read

Sloane accidentally made her very private blog very public and it went viral. Specifically the part about the fact she has pining for a guy for years. No one knows who Guy is, except for one person, local bartender Brady. To get out of telling the truth Sloan, agree to Brady’s fake dating plan. Brady will pretend to be Guy, and the couple will attract attention to his family’s struggling bar.

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Fake it Till You Make It is a fake dating romantic comedy.  It is set in a small town and that is almost another character in itself.  The premise is not exactly original, but I did like that there was a lot of emphasis on social media and how it affects our lives.

The story is told from the perspective of both Brady and Sloane.  This is something I am seeing a lot more in romance and I have to say I like it.   It is nice getting “both sides” of the story.  I loved both Brady and Sloan.  Sloane was just a normal girl, and it was sort of refreshing.    Brady, as mentioned several times in the book, is a grumpy bartender, but he really does have a heart of gold.  Brady and Solane together were great!  I loved how Sloane stuck up for Brady.

I liked that this book did such a good job of getting that small-town vibe.  Everyone knowing everything.  Being told to go talk to so and so about this or that.  This book was so cute and I highly recommend it.  It is for those of you who liked To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

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