#DirtyDaddiesWednesday – The Unblocked Collection by Marni Mann



As the ever dutiful daughter at her father’s prestigious real estate firm, Frankie Jordan never mixes business with pleasure. But after meeting her new client, Derek Block, her sexual fantasies have turned into intense cravings. This animalistic man has become the object of her desire. Only she can’t have him.

Derek Block is so close to finally getting revenge against the man who tried to destroy him. But after one meeting with Frankie Jordan, his focus is gone. He needs to be inside her, to worship her submissive body until she screams. And then his dick needs to stay the hell away from her…but it has a mind of its own. (GoodReads)


Wowza!  This book it is STEAMY!  This book is made up of five novella’s and while you can read them seperately they all end in a bit of a cliffhanger so I am glad I was able to read them all at once.

Let me just say that Derek is the perfect book boyfriend and an alpha male that treats his woman like a queen.  I loved Frankie too, she’s super strong and just when I think she was going to do something dumb, she actually uses her brain and communicates with people!

This book was such a pleasant surprise and didn’t use too many of the plot devices I’m used to seeing in romance.  I really enjoyed it will be looking for more from this author!

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