#DirtyDaddiesWednesday – In the Unlikely Event

In the Unlikely Event


Mal and Rory had a one night stand but as they leave, Mal proposes a crazy idea if they ever meet again they will drop everything and be together.  Fast forward 8 years when they meet again, but Mal seems to be an entirely different person.  

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In the Unlikely Event is a very bittersweet book.  It is a second chance romance and boy do you root for these characters! The story unfolds switching between past and present as the mystery of why Mal hates Rory so much.  

Mal is extremely charming, even when he is trying to be an ass.  And Rory is a very smart and interesting girl. I loved reading about these characters both in the past and present.  As I mentioned, this book is bittersweet. There are certainly parts of this book that are hard to read. It is very emotional.  There are also some very funny parts. This is literally a make you laugh make you cry sort of books. 

There are certainly some steamy scenes, but not a ton.  If that is what you’re after there are probably better books for that, Dirty Headlines for example.  But, if you want a dramatic romance you should check this one out.


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