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When Theresa’s brother gets himself in trouble, Theresa is willing to do anything to bail him out.  That includes luring Will Caruso back to New York  a the request of his mob boss father.  

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Follow was high on the steam factor but the book left a little to be desired. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it was that didn’t wow me about this book.  I liked Theresa and Will well enough. They weren’t my favorite romantic protagonists, but not my least favorite either. I think I just never felt connected to them.  I also felt like they fell for each other much too quickly but sometimes you just have to ignore the insta-love.  

The other thing was that the whole time they were together I spent waiting for the other shoe to drop, what’s going to happen when Will finds out Theresa is lying, but I also knew it wouldn’t matter.  This is certainly not the first book I’ve read where the characters’ relationship is built on deceit, and also not the first book where I could easily guess the ending, but for some reason, this one was more a let down than others I’ve read.  I was also a little (okay a lot) irritated with Theresa’s brother which did sort of taint the whole premise of the book for me.  

Overall, good on the steam factor, but it left a little to be desired in the story. 


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