#DirtyDaddiesWednesday – Exmas



Joa and Reed were just colleagues with benefits. This went on for a year until Reed stole Joa’s promotion right out from under her.  Upset that Reed would do that to her, Joa transfers from LA to Chicago. A year later Reed, now the CFO is visiting the Chicago office.  

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So this was a combo enemies to lovers and second chance romance, I’m usually on the fence about second chance romance, but I loved the enemies to lovers addition.  The story starts off with Joa learning of Reed’s visit. There are flashback scenes before every chapter. They aren’t chronological, but they give great insight into Joa and Reed’s relationship.  There is an author’s note in the beginning that explains them and mentions that you can skip them, but if you do end up reading this book, don’t skip them.  

 This book does take place over Christmas, so there are some holiday festivities, but it isn’t overly Christmasy.   The misunderstanding that lead to the enemies part was actually interesting and much more well done than others I have read.  I liked the fact that there was a decent reason for the misunderstanding.  

Overall this was a cute read.  Not overly steamy, but with good characters and a good storyline. 


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