#DirtyDaddiesWednesday – Dirty Sexy Player by Laurelin Paige



I wasn’t supposed to want her.

It was a stupid game we were playing. A way for her to get her inheritance and me to get out from under Donovan’s thumb.

I didn’t even like her.

I wasn’t supposed to daydream about getting her off. Or fantasize about the way she’d look riding me. Or wonder if she kissed as cruelly as she fought.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for her.

I was only supposed to marry her.. (GoodReads)


This book combines my two favorite tropes, enemies to lovers and fake relationship, add in a super hot and charming guy, a smart and stubborn woman, and you have some magic!  This book is some serious slow burn romance!

It is told both from Elizabeth and Weston’s point of view and I have found that I enjoy that more and more in my romance books.  Especially when I’m listening to audiobooks, this book, by the way, is on Audible Escape.

I really enjoyed these two characters, watching them fall for each other slowly.  This is a duet, and I will certainly be reading the next book.

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