#DirtyDaddiesWednesday – Audition



Joshua and Bethany have a history and so when Bethany needs protection Joshua volunteers.  Bethany doesn’t want his help and she certainly doesn’t want to feel the pull toward him that she does. 

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Joshua and Bethany’s story was very entertaining.  This romance is certainly not sweet, but I enjoyed it all the more for that.  Both of them have some major baggage, Joshua especially. I enjoyed the past being interwoven into the present storyline, the pieces slowly falling into place.  This was also a suspense romance, which I don’t read too much of so it was a nice change of pace for me.  

I really liked how both Joshua and Bethany were such strong characters, especially Bethany.  Both were able to get through bad childhoods. You could tell that something was missing for both of them, and this book does a great job of telling that story.  Audition is not an easy read, it is a dark romance that is very raw and it was refreshing in its truth. That being said I enjoyed the book. This is very much a slow burn romance so be prepared. 


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