Dark Heart by Ella James

Dark Hearts
Dark Heart by Ella James

Dark Heart Duet #1

Romance, Dark Romance

Steam Level: It’s Getting Warmer


Rating: 4 out of 5.


I thought he was the white knight. Looking back, it makes sense. I was young and needed saving. Luca was my strength. He could take on anything—the world, for me. They say first love cuts the deepest. Ours became a blade that bled me out. It turns out I didn’t know a villain when he held my heart in his hands. Now it’s darker—more like his.

Elise was my whole world—until my world burned, and I destroyed her with me. Some betrayals, you can’t undo, no matter how much you wish you could. I can’t help who I am now, and why would I want to? I run this city. No one’s going to take me down—not even the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. I heard they’ve got a file eight inches thick on Don Galante. But dodging bullets is my business. They play dirty, but there’s no one dirtier than me.

The DA learns the hard way who’s in charge; he’s out. It should be time for celebration. There’s just one problem: his heir. Or should I say heiress? Elise O’Hara wears a crown of lies, a gown of red, and a fat diamond on her left hand. Now it’s me and her. Or her and me. Only one of us will be left standing when the story’s over.

This is how you write a tragedy.

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I felt like Dark Heart was more of a prequel than an actual novel.  It was all the backstory you needed for Twisted Fate, so with that being said – it either should have been a novella, or the two books should have been combined into one.  

Dark Heart is the high school story of Elise and Luca.  It is interesting, and you get a lot of back story, but it is not the actual story.  I have a feeling the next book is where the real story is told. I’m sure this back story is important, but I don’t know if I needed an entire book about a high school romance.

The narrators were good, but I thought Jason Clarke’s voice seemed a lot more adult than a 17-year-old kid, but his voice was undoubtedly sexy.  Carly Robins certainly fit the character, and I liked the way she voiced the character. They both did an excellent job of changing their voices to match the characters they were voicing. 



Dark Heart

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