Breakers by Bea Paige

Breakers by Bea Paige

Academy of Stardom # 3

Romance, Dark Romance, Second Chance Romance, Reverse Harem

Steam Level: Almost too Hot to Handle


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Dance brought us back together.

Our pain and hurt bled out with every movement, with every step across the dancefloor.

The Breakers never expected to love me again and I never believed we could get past our pain.

Yet here we are.

My Breakers are mine once more.

But nothing is ever that simple when it comes to us.

True happiness only comes when you’re free.

Free to love. Free to dance. Free to live.

But that kind of freedom comes at a high price.

The Breakers are still members of the Skins. Jeb is still their leader. David is still a psychopath, and now there are new enemies to contend with.

Dance might have brought us back together, but it’s going to take more than a beautiful routine to keep us all alive.

It’s time for the Breakers to own up to their truth, just like I did.

It’s time for the Breakers to live up to their name.

It’s time for the Breakers to start breaking things.

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Breakers is the third book in the Academy of Stardom series, and I think it’s my favorite so far.  The first book, as often happens with first books, was more of a setup.  In the second book, we get a little more, but Breakers is really where the story gets going.  

I loved Pen and her guys.  As is pointed out a few times in this book, each of the boys has a role to play.  Of course, I have a favorite because that’s just how it works for me when I read RH.  But I enjoy all of them.  The first two books focus more on the past, but Breakers focuses on the present, what Pen and the guys have to deal with now. There are a lot of great side characters.  But my favorites are Grim and Beast.  We get a lot more of them in this book, and I am not complaining.  

The story is excellent with lots of action and intrigue.  Many important things happen in this book, and it made reading it all the more enjoyable.  The last quarter of the book is where the action starts and the ending… Well, I am very ready for the next book! 



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