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Last month I talked about setting up my Book Bujo for the year.  Today I want to tell you how I organize my Bookstagram Posting.

One of the most challenging things for me when I first started Bookstagram, was figuring out what to post.  Then I discovered photo challenges, and boy did that help.  But soon I was having trouble keeping track of all the challenges I was doing, so I created my Bookstagram Posting Schedule. Today I will show you how I organize my photo challenges and incorporate in blog posts and bookstagram tours.   

I usually use Google Docs for this, and then write down my posts in my planner.  The great thing about Google Docs is that you can access it anywhere, so usually, I will pull up this document as I am taking my photos.  But you could certainly do something similar to this on paper if that is what you prefer.  

Full Chart

I know this seems very big and scary, but I promise I will break it down for you.  

Dates and Days of the Week

The first thing I do is to add the dates and days of the week.  The days of the week are very helpful because I post certain things on certain days of the week.  For example, knowing its Saturday for #stacksaturday.  And then the numbers listed below are the date of the month.  


Challenge Prompts

The next thing I add are the challenge prompts.  At the top of each column is the hashtag of the prompt.  And then that column is full of the prompts for the corresponding day of their challenge.  


The font colors here don’t mean anything, but you could easily use them to color code what prompts you will be using.  As I mentioned, I have my document out as I am taking photos, so as I finish taking a picture for I fill in the box.  This works for me because I have my own challenge that I have to take pictures for daily, but you could accomplish the same thing by changing the fill color of the date if you don’t have one challenge you are working off of.  

Tours and Blog Posts

Finally, I add in any photos I know I have to have, for example, bookstagram tours.  I usually try to fit them into my challenges as best as possible so that way I don’t have too many posts in a day.  


I am also trying to do a better job of taking bookstagram photos for the books that I am reviewing on my blog.  You can see this is color-coded, with tours in blue and blog posts in pink. 

Since I take my photos in batches, I write down my posts in my planner.


  You can see I also include what my Blog posts are so that I can take pictures with those books if possible.  

Then when it is time to post I know what I am posting for which day instead of guessing what goes on what day.  I have been there and the struggle is real.  

This is just my process, but I hope it might help you.  Please take it and make it your own.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to comment below or you can always DM me on my Instagram.  Also if there are any topics you’d like to see organization or otherwise, please let me know.  

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  1. Hi! Your system sounds really practical and I’m very excited to try it out myself! I’ve been having trouble organizing my bookstagram posts for so long!

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