Bookish Charities: Part 1

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I wanted the share the spirit of giving by shining a light on some bookish charities.  Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some ways that you can give back that support books and literacy.

Better World Books

Better World Books is a for-profit social enterprise that collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide.  Better World Books diverts books from landfills by collecting material from libraries, bookstores, college campuses through the community and in other areas where surplus materials exist. It then sells those used books and contributes a portion of the revenue on each sale to support literacy, libraries, and education. Books that cannot be sold are frequently donated to at-risk communities in the U.S.

How you can help:

A portion of the proceeds from every book your purchase from Better World Books goes to supporting literacy.  Another excuse to buy books count me in! I have bought quite a few books form them, and their shipping is very fast, and free!  You can also purchase from them via Amazon.  Looking to donate, good news for those of you who live in the US or UK.  For information about donating books, you can check out their site here.


Your Local Library

Okay so I don’t have a lot of information for you on this one, but I wanted to bring it up.  My local library has a foundation as well as a non-profit.  Both host events that raise money for the library.  You can, of course, donate money and often times books.  Be sure to check your libraries website for donation and volunteer information



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