Book Review: The Toll

The Toll


Three years have passed since Rowan and Citra disappeared and the Thunderhead closed itself off. 

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I loved Scythe, Thunderhead left me needing more, and The Toll did not disappoint.  The book was filled with characters I’ve come to love throughout the series, as well as new characters that I grew to love.  The Toll picks up a little after the Thunderhead left off, and from the get-go, you are thrust into the action. Don’t expect all of your questions for Thunderhead to be answered right away, however.  

This whole series is really a study on humanity.  The Scythe’s especially show that power corrupts some, but not all, and why choosing the right people for the job is so important.  This is a series that makes you think, and examine yourself, at least that’s how I felt after reading it.  

The Toll was a very fitting end for the series and I was extremely satisfied with the ending.  It certainly didn’t go exactly as I would have liked, but I would not have been satisfied with an ending like that, nor would I expect it.


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