Book Review: Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Queen of Nothing by Holly Black


Jude has been exiled to the Mortal World.  When she finds out her twin sister’s life is in danger she must return to Elfhame and face Cardan.  However, what she finds is not the Elfhame she left, war is brewing and she may be one of the only people who can help. 

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After the Wicked King, my expectations were high, too high honestly.  That is not to say that this book wasn’t good it was. It was a satisfying ending to the trilogy, but I also would have liked a little more Jude and Cardan, and less time on other things I didn’t think were that important.  No offense Vivi but I don’t care about your romantic life at all.  

The story was good, and I liked the path that Jude went down.  I did feel like the ending of the Wicked King, while addressed, was not given as much attention as I would have liked.  I also felt like the Cardan was not as Cardan as he was in the other two books, and while I understand the reasoning, I still missed that Cardan. 


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