Book Review: Nameless Queen

Nameless Queen


Coin is a Nameless, a class of Citizens so low they don’t even have names.  But when the tattoo declaring her queen shows up on her arm, she is thrust into life as a royal.   

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Thank you to Random House Children’s for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  


The idea of this book really excited me.  I always enjoy a world with a caste system.  Unfortunately, while the idea was good, the execution was lacking.  The world seemed interesting, but the explanation was missing. There is magic, but only the rulers of the Kingdoms have it? What are these other Kingdoms?  Then there was a Caste system made up of I think 3-4 different groups. The lowest, the nameless, were as the name implies not given names, but how and why. Where did the first nameless come from, how many are there, how do they survive without being allowed to work?  Clearly, I had a lot of questions. 


The other issue I had was the characters.  I didn’t care all that much about Coin. In fact, I much preferred Ester to Coin.  She seemed like a much more interesting character. There were some decent twists and turns, but overall I would have liked a little more detail.  


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