Book Review – Kingdom of Copper

Kingdom of Copper


After Dara’s death, Nahri is forced into marriage, but while in the palace embraces the city of her ancestors. Ali is exiled and dealing with the aftermath of what happened the night he killed Dara, and the new powers he has.  Outside of Daevabad Devas gather to take back their city.

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I really enjoyed The City of Brass and I loved this book, but I have to say the ending of this book makes me so nervous to read the final book in the trilogy.  Nahri continues to be a very strong character, and one of my favorite female protagonists. She is strong and smart and always does what she thinks is right. I enjoyed seeing more of Daevabad in this book, and learning more about the mythology.  

I enjoyed meeting some new characters in this book and getting to know some old favorites a little better.  Ali still slightly irritates me. This book is also long, there is a lot of moving parts and lot of characters so be prepared for that.  For someone so intelligent he really doesn’t seem to think before he acts.  I really loved this book it is full of emotion and I am both excited and apprehensive to see how this story ends. 


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