Book Review: In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson

In Her Eyes by Sarah Alderson


After a Home invasion left her life in a tailspin Ava wants answers.  When it becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem Ava has to decide who she can trust.

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There was a lot going on in this book.  It was interesting and a quick read, but I did feel like there were a lot of characters and they were all intertwined and I’m still not sure how they all fit together. 

It was interesting seeing Ava figure out what was going on.  As a reader, I really enjoyed seeing all the family secrets slowly come to light.  And I have to say I didn’t expect most of them, this one really kept me on my toes. What was missing for me was a connection to the characters.  I really didn’t care for Ava or her family. Because of that, it was difficult for me to really get into the books. I think perhaps a little more back story would have helped.  

The mystery part was great, but the character connection was not so much.


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