Book Review: Crew

Crew by Tijan

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, Dark Romance

Book 1 in the Crew Series



Bren is the only female member of her crew, but when she breaks one of the crew rules, no falling in love with a fellow crew member what will happen?

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I have seen books by Tijan all over the place, but Crew is the first book I’ve read by her.  I am a fan of dark romance, but this is the first time I’ve read young adult dark romance. It was interesting.  The darker element definitely added something to the book, and I felt like it added maturity to this book, that a lot of YA romance books don’t have. I liked the characters, but they were all clearly damaged.  While the whole crew system is explained very well, I still didn’t quite get it. I also didn’t quite get why Cross was in love with Bren. This a book that might have benefited from a dual POV. It also would have helped with the fact that Cross is still very much a mystery to me. 

There was a lot of violence in this book, but I also enjoyed that Bren as a badass.  The overall story as good and I think honestly Race was the most interesting character in the books. While this book was interesting and well written, I think I’d rather read adult books in this genre. 

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  1. The only Tijan book I’ve read is KING and I loved it! Maybe give that a try because I thought it clearly highlighted Tijan’s great writing!

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