Book of the Month YA – June

I love book boxes, but after a while, I was tired of getting things I didn’t want, or books that I already owned.  I tried Book of the Month a while ago and really liked it, but they recently released a YA version, and I am beyond excited.

Book of the Month YA is a monthly subscription box, but unlike many of the other subscription boxes, you just get books.  Not only do you only get a book, but you get to pick the book you get.


For $14.99 you get a hardback copy of a new release, and you can add-on another book for just an additional $9.99.  Each month you get to choose between five books.  As you can see from the June books, these books are from all different genres and there is sure to be something for everyone.


Another great feature of Book of the Month YA is the ability to skip months.  Most subscription boxes don’t have that feature and you have to cancel and then re-sign-up if you want to skip a month.  Best of all Book of the Month YA SHIPS FREE!

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