Best Full Cast Audiobooks

best full cast audiobooks

I am currently listening to Aurora Burning and it made me realize how much I love a full cast audiobook! Obviously every book is not meant to be read by a full-cast, but there are certainly some that are, usually ones with multiple POV characters. Without further ado here are a few of my favorite full-cast audiobooks…

Illiminae Files

This series is amazing and the audiobooks make it even better! Even if you don’t like sci-fi you should check these out.

American Gods

I really enjoy Gaiman, and I enjoyed this book, but the full cast really brought it to life.

His Dark Materials

The Golden Compass was my first audiobook so it has a special place in my heart, but it is also a great story.

The Starless Sea

I have to be really honest here, I would not get through this book if I as just reading it. It this very complicated and the use of the various narrators helps a lot!

Six of Crows

I liked this when I read the book, but enjoyed it even more when I listened to it.

Aurora Burning

I’m still listening to this one but I can already tell you its great. I didn’t listen to the first one and I really should have!

4 thoughts on “Best Full Cast Audiobooks

  1. Yay for six of Crows. I havent listened to AB… I read it but AR was fantastic so I imagine AB was, as well. I have heard great things about Illuminae.

    Great list!

      1. The only reason I haven’t listened to Illuminae is because I have a romance trigger and I was told it has a lot more of it AND that it is younger in tone than AR/AB and I tend to lean older… so I’m still kinda weighing that one out. Otherwise, I’m sure I would.

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