Ball Peen Hammer by Lauren Rowe

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Keane and Maddy are driving to LA together.  Maddy doesn’t expect Keane, the cocky male stripper Ball Peen Hammer, to be so gorgeous.  Nor does she expect that they will be friends, and certainly not more than that…

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I knew that Ball Peen Hammer would either be my favorite or least favorite in the series.  Unfortunately, it was the least. I liked this book. It was funny and cute but it was not as good as Hero and Captain.  

There were a couple of reasons for this, there was a lot of UCLA propaganda which I generally frown upon.  But seriously there was not enough of the Morgan family.  And let me tell you the Morgan family makes these books. There was also a lot of Keane.  I enjoyed him in the other books, but I knew that a whole book of him might be a little much.  It was actually not as bad as I expected, I liked Keane and Maddy.  Now, this could be because this was a friends to lovers, which is not my favorite, it was also not as steamy as the other books in this series.  

What I did like was getting to know other characters in the series, Xander and Dax, a little more.  I also enjoyed seeing Keane grow up a little. I still love this series, but I do hope the next books have more Morgans. 


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