ARC Review: Blood Countess

Blood Countess
Blood Countess by Lana Popovic

Genre: Historical Fiction, Horror

Release Date: January 28




Anna Darvulia has just begun working as a  maid for the  Countess Elizabeth Báthory. Soon Anna becomes Elizabeth’s friend and confidante. But Anna realizes she is really more of a prisoner and the countess could turn on her at any moment.  

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I was immediately intrigued by this book.  I mean a fictional story about Elizabeth Bathory.  This story is told from the perspective of Anna, her handmade.  I think that was what kept me from really loving this book, I didn’t like Anna.  We all know that Elizabeth Bathory is going to be the villain in this book, I mean come on she killed a lot of women, but for me, Anna was certainly no heroine. 

My other complaint was the disregard for some of the history. I understand that this is a work of fiction, but when you are writing a fictionalized account of an actual person I do feel like you can’t change facts too much.  The timeline was a little off for me.  While I understand why the book did this, it did annoy me a little.  

What I did love was getting a better understanding of Elizabeth Bathory.   I think I would have preferred this from her POV, but again I understand why it wasn’t done this way.  This book does a great job of showing us the sorts of things that Elizabeth Bathory did. Though it is slightly graphic, it is certainly toned down a tad. I also liked that we see the Countess’s descent into madness.  

Overall, I enjoyed this book but just wanted more.  As a bit of a history buff, this story is not new to me and perhaps people that don’t know this story will enjoy it more.

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