Anna K by Jenny Lee

Anna K
Anna K by Jenny Lee

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Release Date: March 3



Anna has everything figured out, or at least she seems to.  That is until she meets Alexia Count Vronsky.  They couldn’t be more different and Anna must decide what she is willing to give up of herself to be with him. 

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Thank you to Flatiron Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


Is anyone having Gossip Girl withdrawals? Well then you need to check out Anna K.  It is a retelling of Anna Karenina — which I have to admit, I haven’t read — but I enjoyed this book so much I almost want to read it…almost.

Anna K takes place in the world of the Manhattan elite.  These are kids with with more money than they know what to do with.  At times it is a little over the top. The book focuses on several different characters which I both liked and didn’t like.  I loved the story revolving around Anna, Vronsky, Steven and Lolly. I really could have done without some of the others. As I said I haven’t read Anna Karenina so I don’t know if these stories mirror the one in the original in some way.  

This book was both fun and heartbreaking.  Anna K is truly a makes you laugh makes you cry sort of book.  It left me feeling both sad and inspired. It is certainly a book that give you all the feels. 

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