A Guy Walks into my Bar by Lauren Blakely

A Guy walks into my bar

 A Guy Walks into my Bar by Lauren Blakely

Romance, LGBTQ+

Steam Level: Almost Too Hot to Handle


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Every bartender should follow one simple rule—don’t go home with the customers.

That’s been easy for me to stick to, until the night a cocky, confident, and sinfully charming hockey star walks into my bar. This sexy athlete is too hard to resist, especially when he makes it clear how much he wants the “sarcastic, witty, hot AF” guy behind the bar—also known as me.

Still, I’m not keen on breaking my own rules since I know where that can lead—no place good.

But when that man makes his case with one bone-searing kiss on the streets of London, I throw resistance out the window.

What could go wrong with a hot, dirty, no-strings-attached fling before he leaves town in five days?

Trouble is, soon our nights together lead to days, to long conversations, to getting to know each other, and to something I never expected—falling ridiculously hard for a man who’s getting on a plane to America when I live a world away.

My life is here. His is there. And no amount of falling or feeling will change that one big problem.

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Best Audiobook ever?  Maybe!  A Guy Walks into my Bar by Lauren Blakely was one of my most anticipated audiobooks and it was more than worth the wait.  This book was fantastic. It made me laugh but also had so much heart.  I just really enjoyed it, it was also hot AF so that didn’t hurt either.  

A Guy Walks into My Bar is Lauren Blakely’s first M/M romance and let me tell you I need more!  I loved the characters and I really loved the romance between Fitz and Dean.  It certainly did not hurt that the audiobook was narrated by Joe Arden and Shane East, two of my favorite narrators.  But really it was the story that made this so wonderful.  I loved getting to know these characters and seeing them each struggling with the feelings for one another.  They were just so adorable, I think I fell a little in love with them.  

This was not my first M/M romance, but it was by far one of the steamier ones I’ve listened to, and I was here for it. I always eagerly anticipate Lauren Blakely’s books, but I will be salivating over her next M/M romance.  I have to be honest, the sex scenes were graphic, so if that isn’t something you think you can handle this probably isn’t the book for you.  But if this sounds like something you would like then please please do yourself a favor and read or listen to this book.  I highly suggest listening, you can thank me later. 


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A Guy walks into my bar

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