2020 Reading Resolutions

Last year I made my first ever Reading Resolutions.  Of the six resolutions I made, I feel like I competed five of them.  The one I didn’t complete was finishing a reading challenge, but there is always next year.  This year I have six new Reading Resolutions that I hope to be able to accomplish.  

2020 Reading Resolutions

1. Read 120 books

This past year I read about 120 books, that did include audio books.  I’d like to see if in 2020 I can read 120, not including audio books.  

2. Get control of my TBR

Like most of us I have a TBR that is terrifying, and like most people every week I add at least one more book to the list.  There are books that have been on that list for literally years.   So I want to go through that list and only have books that I truly want to read on it.   

3. Purging my shelves

I own a lot of books, and while I admire those people who have wall to wall bookshelves, I do not.  So I need to start getting rid of some of the books that I own, that I won’t read, or that I have read but didn’t love.  This also means getting rid of some of the items I’ve received in book boxes.  

4. Not buying books for the sake of buying books

As I stated above I own a lot of books, and most of them are ones that I don’t need.  I am very guilty of going on discount book sites and buying 10 books at a time because I like the cover.  This is one of the things that has lead to the problem in resolution 3. 

5. Realizing it’s okay to say no

This is probably bigger than just book related, but in this context it means saying no to tours or ARCs that I am just not interested in.  I know this is a great problem to have, to many people who want to send me books, and I am so appreciative.  But I just don’t have the time for all of them.  

6. Be more organized

For people that know me, they probably think this is a silly resolution, because I am already a very organized person.  But there are things I’d like to be better out, Goodreads reviews for example, keeping my Book Bujo up to date, tracking my ARCS, being more thoughtful about my bookstagram posts.  The list could go on, but the bottom line is there are several areas in which I could improve, and after all that’s what resolutions are about, improving.  

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