2020 Reading Challenges

2020 Reading Challenges

I really enjoy doing reading challenges.  They are a great way to step out of your reading comfort zone.  There are so many Reading Challenges for 2020, I’ve listed a few here that I am going to try to complete in 2020.  For a full list of reading challenges, I suggest you check out GirlXOXO’s Master List of 2020 Reading Challenges.  There are a ton of challenges on this list.  You can also check out my Reading Challenge Pinterest board.  

The PopSugar Reading Challenge

Take the 2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

I try to complete this challenge every year, and I never do.  So 2020 is going to be the year, I hope!  This is a great challenge for trying new books.  Some of my favorite prompts for this year’s challenge are: a book about a book club; a book with a pink cover; and a book about or buy a woman in STEM. 

Read Your Bookshelf

Read Your Bookshelf - A 2020 Reading Challenge

This is another great challenge that is great for someone who maybe doesn’t read that many books a year.  Since its a monthly topic you only have to read 12 books in order to complete it.  

52 Books in 52 Weeks

The 2020 Reading Challenge: 52 Books in 52 Weeks | mommy mannegren

This challenge isn’t for the light reader.  If you can’t read a book a week, this probably isn’t for you, but if you are like me and can read at least a book a week, then this might be a great challenge for you to try.  

Monthly Keyword Challenge

This is another challenge great for people who aren’t able to read more than one book a month.  It is also very easy to customize, maybe instead of just picking one keyword, you try to find a book that meets two or even three or you try to read a book for each of the keywords.  

What challenges are you planning in participating in?


One thought on “2020 Reading Challenges

  1. I am going to try the Popsugar challenge again this year. I did it this year for the first time and finished 32/50 prompts. My goal was 25 so I was happy with that. I am going to try to finish 35 in 2020. I will try to get to the more difficult ones first. You have some good ones here. I am contemplating Monthly Key Word challenge, it looks interesting.

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